Humpty Dumpty Sat On The Wall

“The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge,
but the mouth of fools feeds on foolishness.”
Proverbs 15:14

We’ve all been to a funeral. A person of understanding will come to realize that this is the end of every human being. He might wonder where this person has gone after death, which may lead him to wonder where he himself will go after death. Once a person has come face to face with death, the man of understanding will seek to know what life and death are all about. And this is where the wise man and the fool separate.

The fool lives in the now. He cares only about what interests him, sports, entertainment, gossip, friends, and does not spend his time pondering anything greater than these. In other words, “he feeds on foolishness, on things that aren’t important. When you’re in a group setting, note what comes out of the mouth of the fool. Note the smallness of his interests, the insignificance of his concerns, the pettiness of the things that upset him. If one tries to invite a fool to consider the important things in this journey on earth, he will nod …and then change the subject. There you have it, the pitiful world of the fool.

The man of understanding however, realizes the importance of his journey. He asks the important questions, “Why am I here? What is this journey all about? What is my purpose? How do I get there? What is the truth?” He will come to the understanding that the answers cannot be found in the teachings and traditions of men, because the teachings and tenets of men contradict each other. There can only be one truth. And there must be a way to find it.

This was the beginning of my born-again story. One day I was minding my own business and out of the blue a voice spoke to me, to my mind. The voice, which I did not recognize at the time, said this:

“You are standing in a line of people. Each person in the line represents each of the religions in the world. One is a Jew. One is Muslim. One is Buddhist. One is a Catholic. One is a protestant. One is Hindu, and so on. Each person is absolutely sure that his religion is the right one, because he was taught it from his childhood. His family and friends hold to the religion and their whole lives revolve around that religion. All he has known is the religion of his fathers. Now, you’re in that line, and the question is, how do you know yours is the right one? They can’t all be right, because they contradict each other. How do you know yours is the true one?”

That question changed my whole life. I realized that all that I believed, I believed because that’s what I was taught from my early childhood. Had I been born into a Muslim home, I would be just as sure that Islam is the true way. Had I been born into a Hindu home, I would be sure that was the true way. Religious people believe what they believe because it’s been taught them from their youth, their family and friends believe the same, they just take for granted that theirs is the right way. But the religions contradict each other. So how does one know his is the correct one?

I reeled from that revelation for three days. I could think of nothing else. I paced the floor, I was distraught as I realized my foundation was made of sand and like Humpty Dumpty, I crumbled to the ground broken. My very foundation fell lifeless before me as I realized that the reason I even believed in God at all was only because I had been taught about him from my youth. Now all I had been taught was useless to me, and I considered that God himself may not even exist. What basis did I have to believe that he exists? Because I was told that? So was the Muslim, but his god is a different one than the one I was taught about. My foundation was destroyed. I was Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall.

The born-again experience often begins with pain, because when life is going along smoothly all our attention is on the interests of our little world. God oftentimes will bring about a crisis in order to get our attention. He had mine.

This is long enough, I’m not going to go on and tell the rest of the story. What I mean to do is to suggest to anyone reading this that a life spent in entertainment, a life spent in a myriad of mundane things, a life spent in foolishness is the life leading to hell. Don’t be a fool. Time is too short. Put aside your vain interests and give some thought to what’s really important in life. I assure you, God DOES exist. Ask him to show you the way. After all, he did say:

“I AM the WAY…and the TRUTH, and the LIFE.”
John 14:6

Who Is Jesus Christ?


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