Articles By Title

. A False Gospel That Makes The Lord Nauseous
. A Greater Restoration Than That Of The Exodus
. A New Operating System Needed
. A Picture Of Christ In The Old Testament
. About Death – And Life
. After Death -Then What?
. All He Lost Meant Eternal Gain
. An Appointment With The Word ‘Woe’
. An Entire Generation Deceived
. An Indescribable Peace Unlike Any Other
. Are We To Submit To An Evil Government?
. Are You Broke? Living From Check To Check?
. Are You Investing For Retirement?
. Are You Lost And Overwhelmed?
. Are You Under The Influence?
. Are You Under The Judgment Of ‘Delusion’?
. Be Careful How You Pray
. Be Careful Which Version Of The Bible You Use
. Be Not Silent
. Because You Have Kept The Word Of My Patience
. Bible Prophecy Happening Right Before Our Eyes
. Bitterness Is An Extremely Powerful Emotion
. Can You Be Unequally Yoked And Win?
. Choose Your Expert
. Darkness Must Come Before The Dawn
. Darkness Must Surrender To Light
. Define Wickedness
. Deja Vu
. Demonic Bondage
. Desensitized – Like The Frog In The Kettle
. Did Jesus Christ Really Rise From The Dead?
. Did Mary The Mother Of Jesus Christ Remain A Virgin?
. Do Not Resist When It’s Judgment
. Do We All Pray To The Same God?
. Does God Ever Change His Mind?
. Does Your Income Go Into A Bag With Holes?
. Doing It My Way Leads To The Devil’s Reward
. Don’t Trade Your Eternity For Wealth
. Don’t Waste Your Life
. False Humility
. First – Count The Cost
. Forgiveness -How To Get There
. Get Up And Leave He Said
. Giving To Gain
. God Isn’t Like The Father You Grew Up With
. God’s Law Is Honorable
. Grief To The Third And Fourth Generation
. Has Your Love Become Stale?
. Have I Crossed Over That Line Where There Is No More Mercy?
. Have You Been Baptized?
. He Brought Me Out Of The Miry Clay
. He Calls Those Who Will Place Nothing And No One Above Him
. He Drives Diviners Mad
. He Is Lord -Give Him Pre-eminence In Your Life
. He Is There And He Is Not Silent
. He Surrendered His ‘Rights’
. He Was Rejected – For Us
. He Will Hang On The Gallows He Erected For You
. He Will Multiply What Little You Have
. Heresies In False Religions
. How Can I Know If I’ve Been Deceived?
. How Different Do You DARE To Be?
. How Do You Define “Good?”
. How Does One ‘Utter Error Against The Lord?’
. How Does One Acquire Faith?
. How Does One Overcome His Carnal Habits?
. How NOT To Approach A Sinner
. How Not To Live In Fear
. How Our Worldview Is Shaped
. How To Be Shocked Into Salvation
. How To Know The Bible Is Truly The Word Of God
. How To Pray
. How We Are Vexed!
. I Say To All – ‘Watch’
. I Shall Yet Praise Him!
. I Will Seek You First
. Identify The Voice Correctly
. If He Comes In The Darkness Will You Have Enough Light?
. If Only…
. Impacting Eternity From Time
. In Grief And Sorrow We Lose Perspective
. Intercessory Prayer Is Not To Be Taken Lightly
. Is There Life After Death?
. Is Your Spirit Atrophied?
. Islam Recognizes Jesus As A Great Prophet?
. It All Depends On Who Is Wearing The Crown
. It Could Mean Their Whole Eternity
. It Has To Start With The Truth
. It Will All Be So Worth It
. It’s Not In Religion -It’s In Hearing God’s Voice
. It’s Not That They Won’t -They Can’t!
. It’s Now Or Never
. Joy Comes In The Morning
. Know The Signal
. Lest They Tear You In Pieces
. Let Us Break Their Bond In Pieces
. Listen!
. Lord -What About Him?
. Lord To Whom Would We Go?
. Mary Did Not Remain A Virgin!
. Medals And Good Luck Charms
. Medical Names Don’t Speak
. Missing Ministries
. New York Celebrates Molech
. Night Is Approaching When No One Can Work
. No, Father Abraham?
. Not All Supernatural Acts Are From God
. Of Myself I Can Do Nothing
. Oh The Sadness Of Regret
. One High Priest For All Time!
. One Stands Or Falls On The Word Of God
. Our Fathers Have Inherited Lies
. Peace In Your Storm
. Post-Modern Apostasy In This New Age
. Question Whether You Have Been Born Again
. Question Your Traditions
. Questions In Hard Times
. Raboni!!!
. Reiki
. Rejected By Family?
. Religious People Will Not Be Found In The Kingdom Of Heaven
. Run, Run, Run, But Getting Nowhere
. Sardis -How Far The Church Has Fallen!
. Satan Has Every Advantage -For A Purpose
. Satan Is Limited In What He Can Predict
. Satan’s Efforts Against You Will Backfire On His Own Head
. Satan’s Finest Hour
. Set Apart To Truth
. Should Believers Be ‘Preppers?’
. Shyness
. Sin Is A Living Force
. Singing Hymns Through Tears
. Sojourners In A Hostile Land
. Sometimes It Can Only Be Achieved Through Fasting
. Stop Nagging And Start Praying
. Such A Great Work – Disregarded By Most
. Supernatural Signs Are Not Sufficient
. Taking Glory Makes The Glory Worthless
. The ‘Ecumenical’ Movement
. The ‘Emergent’ Teachings Of Compromise
. The Absolute Sovereignty Of God
. The Answers To Your Questions Are Here
. The Book of God vs The Books Of Satan
. The Bread Of Adversity And Waters Of Affliction
. The Conflict With Truth
. The Crucial Decision All Must Make
. The Door Is Soon To Close
. The Door Opens For A Moment Then Shuts
. The Ease Of The Wicked Was A Stumbling Block To Me
. The Fertilized Cell Of A Human Embryo Is Eternal
. The Four Hearts
. The Frivolity Of The Fool
. The Gates Of Your Land Are Wide Open
. The Great ‘Dry Bones’ Prophecy
. The Great Conflict -My Will Versus His
. The Great Physician
. The Greatest Insult One Can Give To God
. The Heartache Of Betrayal
. The Heartache Of The Father
. The Humility That Made Him Great
. The Life-Changing Power Of Humility
. The Most Crucial Test In Life
. The Path vs the Highway
. The Peace Of Jerusalem Is…
. The Proper Way To Approach God
. The Resurrection From Death
. The Rule Of The 1/16th
. The Satisfaction From Walking In Your Unique Calling
. The Sting Of Humiliation
. The Struggle Between The Spirit And The Flesh
. The Summons To A Completely Different Perspective
. The Temptations Of Satan Are Cleverly Designed
. The Theory Versus The Fact
. The Two Observable Kingdoms Here And Now
. The Valley Of Decision
. The Way Of Peace In Time Of Turmoil
. The Way Up Is Down
. The World Is Now Ready For The Great Tribulation – Are You?
. The World Laughs But It’s Very Real
. THEN They Shall Know Who Is God And Who Isn’t
. There Is A Glorious Purpose For It All
. There Is No Mercy In Karma
. There Is No Sin?
. There Is Only ONE Way To Heaven
. There Shall Be No Foreign God Among You
. There’s No Mercy In Karma, But There Is In Christ
. They Can’t Say They Weren’t Informed
. They Loved Not Their Lives To The Death!
. They Rejected The Stone Because The Cost Was Too High – How About You?
. They Revel In Their Contempt For The Just
. Things That Don’t Get Preached On Might Be The Most Important Of All
. Those Practicing Lawlessness Will End In The Fire
. To Whom Shall I Turn?
. Too Religious To Surrender
. Understanding Childlike Faith
. Understanding The Gospel
. Upon WHICH Rock?
. Voice Choice
. Waiting Till You’re Clean Will Keep You Away Forever
. Watch And Be Ready
. We Are Accountable To Know The Time Of Our Visitation
. We Are Accountable To Recognize The Time
. We Are Sent
. We Must Understand Spiritual Laws
. What A Slap In God’s Face
. What Are The Final Words Of Jesus Christ To The Church?
. What Are Your Personal, Unique, Individual Gifts?
. What Could Ever Be Worse?
. What Does Narrow Mean?
. What Foundation Is Your House Built On?
. What God Has Prepared Beforehand
. What God Says About The Future Of Israel
. What Is Repentance? It May Not Be What You Think
. What Is The Burgeoning UFO Phenomena Leading Up To?
. What Is The Faith Of A Child?
. What Is Your Makeup And What Will You Do With It?
. What Makes God Sick To His Stomach?
. What Makes The Bible Different From All Other ‘Holy’ Books?
. What Satan Can Accomplish Through Clever Lies
. What The Messiah Did For Us On Passover
. What Was The First Sin?
. What Will Be Your Sentence?
. What Will Our Resurrected Bodies Look Like?
. What You’ve Sown In Tears You Will Reap In Joy
. What’s Wrong With Eumenism?
. When ‘Faith’ Doesn’t Work
. When God Says ‘Forever’ He Means Forever
. When It’s Too Late
. When Judgment Comes
. When No Atonement Can Be Made For The Land
. When The Foundations Are Destroyed
. When They Can’t – Believe That They Can’t
. When You Fall For The Lie
. When Your Back Is Against A Wall
. Where Has The Reverence Gone?
. Where Miracles Happen
. Which Are You?
. Which Law Are You Under?
. Which Of The Commandments Do You Break?
. Which One Of Us Can Do This?
. Who Are The False Prophets Among Us?
. Who Is The Modern-Day Jezebel?
. Why Do People Resist Coming To God?
. Why Involvement In The Occult Is Called Spiritual Adultery
. Why Is There Evil In The World?
. Why Is There So Much Suffering In The World?
. Why Prophecy Matters
. Why The Lord Waits During Your Affliction
. Why The World Is Corrupt
. Will He Say ‘I Do Not Know You?’
. Without Blood There Is No Forgiveness Of Sins
. Would I Do It Again?
. You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
. You Are Numbered In Your Calling
. You’d Never See Them On A Donkey
. Your House
. Your Only Protection From Deception